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Doctorat PhD LIRIDE-Ecohabitation

Sherbrooke, QC, Canada

Job Type


The expertise of the Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory on Sustainable Engineering and Ecodesign (LIRIDE) focuses on life cycle impact assessment. Internationally recognized for its scientific research, LIRIDE supports industry, SMEs, and organizations in their commitment to true sustainable development supported by life cycle assessment and the circular economy. Located at the University of Sherbrooke (Canada), LIRIDE is seeking applications for the following position.

About the role

Development of future, resilient building typologies and simplification of their LCA.

This PhD opportunity is part of a research partnership with the organization Écohabitation, driven by environmental issues in the construction field in Quebec and Canada. In order to democratize the use of LCA in the construction field for all stakeholders, this project combines the expertise of LIRIDE and the knowledge of Ecohabitation's partners.

This doctoral project consists in building future scenarios (or trajectories) of resilient building typologies, based on the modernization trends of building standards in response to climate change. Consulting emerging certification trends and insights from industry experts in Canada could help complete the construction of these prospective scenarios. In order to integrate both a quantitative and qualitative approach in the development of the scenarios, the student will use the SAS (Story and Simulation) approach and adapt it to the case of sustainable construction. Once the trajectories have been selected, they will be evaluated.


Your qualifications should include :

  • A master's level university degree in civil, environmental or similar engineering with excellent grades.

  • A strong interest in modeling would be an important advantage

  • Must demonstrate good communication skills.

Your admission will be subject to the standard rules of the University of Sherbrooke (funding assured for the entire PhD).

The project will start as soon as possible or upon mutual agreement.

You are expected to contribute to teaching and research activities of the laboratory up to a maximum of 20% of your working time.

Daily work

The work will be carried out within an interdisciplinary team of LIRIDE, in close collaboration with the partner. The team will consist of two PhD students and researchers. In addition, an integral part of your work is to publish your results in peer-reviewed journals and present them at international conferences.


We look forward to receiving your online application including :



Cover letter

Two references

We will begin interviewing candidates during the summer of 2022.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

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