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Director of Development

Mathieu Courchesne

Mathieu Courchesne
Eng., M. Env.

Operations and Research Manager

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Yannick Lessard,
Eng., M. Sc. A​​

Administrative Technician 



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Manisha Malik, Ph.D.

Manisha Malik
B. Eng., Ph. D.

Sylvain Cordier

Sylvain Cordier
B. Eng., M. Sc. A, Ph.D.


Jean-Martin Lessard

Jean Martin Lessard


Marianne Pedinotti
B. Eng., M.Sc.A

Sogand Shahmohammadi

Sogand Shahmohammadi
B. Eng., M.Sc.A

Xavier Tanguay

Xavier Tanguay
B. Eng., M.Sc.A


Paalo Andrea Moreno Yañez
B. Eng., M.Sc.A, Ph. D

Charles Breton.jfif

Charles Breton, Co-supervision
B. Eng., M.Sc.

Kikki Lambrecht

Kikki Lambrecht Ipsen
B. Eng., M.Sc.A

Edgar Sergues

Edgar Sergues
M. Eng.

mohamad kaddoura.jfif

Mohamad Kaddoura, Co-supervision
B. Eng., M.Sc.


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Benjamin Lacroix
Student in engineering


Marguerite Niquel
B. Eng.

elahe fakoor.jfif

Elahe Fakoor, Co-direction



Coralie Offroy
Student in engineering


Jocelyn Veilleux, Eng., Ph.D.
​Azerki Tagnit-Hamou, Eng., Ph. D
​Ammar Yahia, P.Eng., Ph.D.

Pierre Blanchet, Eng. f., Ph.D.
Luca Sorreli, Eng., Ph.D.
​Louis Gosselin, Eng., Ph.D.

Annie Levasseur, Eng., Ph. D.​

Mohamed Cheriet, Eng.,  Ph. D.

Christian Moreau, Eng., Ph.D.

Shannon Lloyd, Ph.D.

Marcelin Joanis, Ph. D.​
Manuele Margni, Eng., Ph.D.

Pierre-Olivier Pineau, Ph.D.
Kathleen Vaillancourt,  Ph. D.


Agnes Jullien, IFSTTAR. France
Guillaume Habert, ETHZ. Swiss

Christian Bauer, PSI. SW
Francesco Pomponi, Napier. GB

Philip Strothmann, FSLCI. DE
Debbie Steckel, ACLCA. US

Qingshi Tu, UBC. CA
Manuel Monge, Université du Chili. CL

Yassine Taha, UM6P. MA
Md. Uzzal Hossain ,HKU. HK

Massimo Pizzol, AAU. DK
Morten Birkved, SDU. DK


Post-doctoral fellows

  1. Tanguy Audrey, Development of an LCA tool for eco-neighborhoods. September 2018-September 2020.

  2. Saade Marcella, Life cycle assessment of 3D printing for buildings. September 2018-September 2020.

  3. Boulay Anne-Marie, Consensual method development to assess water use in LCA. June 2016-June 2019.

  4. Heidari Mohammad Davoud, Development of a simplified LCA model on bio-based building materials. January 2016-December 2018.

  5. Chirjiv Anand, Meta-analysis of building LCAs by purpose type. November 2014-May 2017.

  6. Balint Simon, Consequential LCA of mixed glass valorization in concrete (Cosupervision with Pr. Arezki Tagnit-Hamou-Chaire SAQ valorisation du verre). January 2015-January 2016.

Doctoral students

  1. Laurent Vandepaer. Environmental optimization of future energy systems from a life cycle perspective: an endogenous approach, December 2019.

  2. Miguel Fernàndez Astudillo, Environmental assessment of the consequences of decarbonization of energy services. March 2019.

  3. Hessam AzariJafari, Development of a dynamic model for assessing the environmental consequences of pavement life cycle. October 2018.

Master's students

  1. Yona Qi. Environmental analysis of stand-alone houses in a Quebec context. M.Env. Completed September 2020.

  2. Michaël Desrochers. Life cycle impact analysis of chocolate residue recovery pathways in a circular economy perspective. M.Env. February 2019.

  3. Pierre-Olivier Bédard. Life cycle analysis and recommendations concerning the valorization of wind turbine blades in eastern Quebec. M.Env. Completed September 2018.

  4. Joris Deschamps, Critical evaluation of the open loop circular economy principle via two examples of mixed glass recovery. M.Sc.A. Completed - July 2018.

  5. Bastien Roure, Critical evaluation of a methodology for the cross-cutting integration of sustainable development: the case of the Bachelor of Civil Engineering. M.Sc.A. Completed - February 2018.

  6. Philippe Théault Gauvin, Life cycle analysis of a Living Building Challenge certified building. M.Eng. Completed - August 2017. 

  7. Yannick Lessard, Modeling the influence of material selection on the life cycle environmental profile of an office building: a critical evaluation of LEED v4. M.Sc.A. Completed - February 2017.

  8. Marianne Pedinotti-Castelle, Cost-effectiveness of renovations of single-family homes in Quebec. M.Eng. Completed August 2016.

  9. Nicola Rivest, LCA of home automation in residential buildings.  M.Env. Completed - July 2016.

  10. Thomas Fuentes, Critical evaluation of the environmental performance of PassivHaus certification for commercial buildings following a life cycle assessment. M.Ing. Completed - August 2016.

  11. Erik Grissé, Techno-economic and environmental life cycle assessment of the biomethanization sector in Quebec: case of the Haut Saint François region. M.Env. Completed - January 2016.

  12. Julie Cloutier, Consequential evaluation of the environmental impacts of battery storage in an energy context in Quebec. M.Env. Completed - September 2015.

  13. Laurie Smith, Analysis and recommendations on the valorization of end-of-life aircraft in Quebec, M.Env. Completed May 2015.

  14. David Mc Duff, Creating corporate value through the implementation of a sustainable development policy and the application of LEED certification. Master's type course with essay.  Completed - May 2014. 

  15. Jean-François Rondeau, 2013, Development of a guide applying life cycle thinking for the selection of equipment and renovation of school institutional buildings. Master's type course with essay.  Completed - May 2014. 

  16. Paul Descataux, Assessing the consequences of a carbon tax on the environmental benefits of renewable energy production: The case of wind power in the Northeast U.S. electricity market. Master's type coursework with essay.  Completed - December 2013.


Undergraduate interns

  1. Akash Senthilkumaran. India , [Mitacs Globalink Fellow] -Metanalysis of Green building LCA's, May 2018.

  2. Clara Galvão Novaes de Souza, [Mitacs Globalink Fellow] -BIM tools using LCA's, May 2017.

  3. Océanne Gobillon. EPF Sceaux , Techno-economic evaluation of biomethanization in Quebec, September 2016.

  4. Cécile Chane-Law. EPF Montpellier. Development of a data management protocol in LCA. September 2016 

  5. Chen Li. BS. Tianjin University, Tianjin,China. [Mitacs Globalink Fellow] -Metanalysis of Green building LCA's, May 2016.

  6. Jessica Lemos Lima. Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Minas Gerais. [Mitacs Globalink Fellow] -Critical review of sustainable engineering education, May 2016.

  7. Srinimalan.B.S, National Institute of Technology,Trichy [Mitacs Globalink Fellow] -Metanalysis of Green building LCA's, May 2015

  8. Afonso Olivares Rios, Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes, Mexico [Mitacs Globalink Fellow] -Critical review of Green building certification using LCA, May 2015.

  9. Bastien Roure, L'EPF Sceaux , Retrospective evaluation of environmental impacts of residential heating scenarios in Quebec, September 2014 

  10. Samuel Vien [BRPC NSERC Fellow], Université de Sherbrooke-Development of an Ecoindicator database for simplified LCA modeling in civil engineering. May 2014 

  11. Nicolas Blanc, École supérieure d'électronique de l'Ouest (ESEO), Critical review of transportation electrification in Quebec and consequential assessment. May 2014.

  12. Marion Leclercq, École des Métiers de l'Environnement, Biomethanization of organic waste - LCA of available technologies and issues for Quebec, May 2014.

  13. Aline Marcon Botasso, USP - Universidade de São Paulo [Mitacs Globalink Fellow] -Critical review of Green building certification using LCA, June 2014 

  14. Marie Pellat, École Polytechnique de Paris -The consequences of wind energy integration in North America. April 2012.

  15. Willy Djeumou, École Polytechnique de Montréal- LCA modeling of self-generation of electricity. September 2008

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